Celebrating 25 Years of Service to Watertown and Surrounding Communities!

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"Where Families Come Together"

About Us


Our Mission

The Watertown Family Center is committed to providing quality educational programs and resources promoting the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development and well-being of children and their families in Watertown, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. 


Who We Are

 The Watertown Family Center (WFC) is a local non-profit agency that is a community resource for parents and their children ages of 0—5. 

By providing parents with multiple free programs, the WFC feels this will help enable them to become the best possible parents they can be for their children.

At the WFC, we are dedicated to providing families with the education and resources they need to build healthy families.

The WFC services are available to all families of young children in Watertown and neighboring communities for free.



Our Background

The WFC has been in existence since 1993. It was started through a collaborative effort of the Watertown Unified School District (WUSD), Head Start/CESA, and the Community Action Coalition. During the first two years of the Center, a broad-based community task force was put together and a community assessment was done. As a result of the study, it was concluded that there was a need for more educational parenting classes and to also fund a family center.

In wanting to increase their collaborative efforts for the family, Watertown Regional Medical Center (WRMC) became the fiscal agent to the WFC in 1995. The Watertown Family Center was a department of the WRMC, a non-profit health care organization located in Watertown, Wisconsin from 1995 thru September 2010. As Fiscal Agent to the WFC all budgetary issues, including receiving and administering grants, were handled through the finance department. 

In 2009, the Watertown Family Center and WRMC mutually agreed that it was time for the WFC to become its own 501c3 non-profit. The WFC received its non- profit status August 31, 2010. The WFC continues to be fiscally strong and provide free programming to families in the Watertown area.